Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I. Need. Help. Prince PERFECT entered the scene and I’ve OBVIOUSLY lost my heart to him, so HOW am I expected to finish this series? It doesn’t help that there’s a book dedicated SOLELY to him after this and it supposedly ends on a CLIFFHANGER that killed people!!! 😭

Yes, that was basically the highlight of this book for me. Nikolai appeared and suddenly the rest of the story doesn’t matter. Duh. (I’m lying) But seriously, you can’t tell me you didn’t feel the same!

When the book started by instantly jumping back into the action, I was so confused. Until it all started clicking into place!

The story just grows so much more intense in this book and honestly, the last few chapters… WERE. SO. FRUSTRATING. I was SO mad at the IGNORANT, CODDLED, STUPID, BRAT PRINCE (we must not speak his name, Nikolai is the only one who matters), but then he got what he deserved and I was a little less mad.

And UGH, I have such mixed feelings about the Darling (Whoops, did I say darling? I meant Darkling, but that works too!) 😫 I don’t even know how to explain it. Like, I want him to just be GOOD! If he could just DO that… the whole story would unravel… okay, I see why he can’t be, but still! 😭

And I’m SORRY, but Mal REALLY annoys me (sometimes)! I don’t know why (maybe because men like Nikolai exist), but he just does and sometimes I just want to kick him out of the way because Alina could do so much better 😤 (Is that a spoiler? I don’t think it is, but if it is, I’M SORRY FOR THAT TOO!)



I have a confession…

I kind of shipped Alina with Nikolai… But then again, I also kind of shipped her with the Darkling… I kind of still do… I guess that’s because, as a reader, it feels like I’m Alina and I want to be with Nikolai 😭😭😭

Okay, I’m done. I’ve lost it, officially. NO ONE JUDGE ME!



In my newer copy of the book, there was also a short story that was at the end of Siege and Storm: The Tailor, which was about Genya. (I hadn’t expected it so it was a nice little surprise!)

First of all, I have very mixed feelings about Genya now for some reason. I mean, I completely understood her motives and everything, but I still don’t completely support all the actions she took. Especially the one being talked about in the short story.

And as was expected, the Darkling made my heart hurt with his appearance in the short story. For multiple reasons. One being that it really showed more in depth how he WAS human on the inside, however cruel time had made him.

Also as expected, I hated the King and Queen (if you can still call them that) even more after reading about how Genya was treated at their hand. It just made me SO. FRICKING. ANGRY. She deserved so much better and knowing that DOES help me understand further why she took the measures she did.

But now I’m curious; have any of you read The Tailor and if so, what did you think?

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