To Best The Boys by Mary Weber

I’ll admit, I don’t think this is a book I would’ve picked up on my own and had it not been in my Fairyloot box (A book subscription box with merchandise! You should 100% check them out!!), I might not have ever read it. Which is why I’m really glad that it WAS in my FairyLoot box and I DID read it, because it was actually such an interesting read! All those reviews around bookstagram were not wrong about this book! The title does not lie: This book is definitely empowering for women and you really can’t go wrong with a book centred around girl-power!

Weber has a very entertaining way of phrasing her words in this book and I am SO here for it. I love books with riddles so this whole labyrinth game in the book was so much fun to read about! Once they entered that labyrinth, it was the point of no return for me: I didn’t put the book down until I was DONE.

And someone needs to note down how epic the closing sentence was, because I could just PIN IT TO MY WALL. It was epic and I will not forget it.

Also, the main character in this book? I love her. Rhen is such a fierce MC to have and I really feel like she made this book what it was, what-with all her quirks and untameable nature.

Call me weird, but I loved the way the people in this book spoke! It was like a whole new version of the English language and it was HILARIOUS to try to decipher 😂 I don’t know if I’m the only one weird enough to love that, but yeah. It added so much more personality to the characters and truly made this book unique and set-apart from other books I’ve read or will ever read.

So overall, it was an easy and quick read, but one that leaves its mark on you. It reminds you that being a woman is NOT a weakness. And the choices you may choose to make as one do NOT make you weak either. You are aloud to go as far as you want to or stay right where you’re comfortable. Just be who you want to be without restrictions.

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