Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I wanted to read a book that would make me cry tears of happiness. Well. I did. Thanks to Colleen Hoover and her book Ugly Love. Also, SHOUT OUT TO HER for managing to break my heart within the first 38 pages of the book 😭 She mended it though, so it’s okay. (After she broke it some more, don’t be misled here.)

I’ve read a grand total of… THREE (I’M GOING TO GET TO ALL OF THEM SOME DAY, DON’T YOU WORRY) books written by Colleen Hoover now and this one hit me much the same way as It Ends With Us. (Although It Ends With Us still holds a place in my heart as my favourite book ever, for reasons.) It was raw and it was real and it HURT. But it was worth it. The good moments were SO worth the bad ones. (By that, I mean painful.)

I really loved the unique writing style that Colleen Hoover used when writing Miles’s point of view. It was written in poetry format. (So it basically didn’t HAVE a format. But it did. It’s hard to explain, you need to see it to get it 😂 I’ll post a picture eventually, so keep an eye out for that.) Point is, it made Miles’s feelings THAT much more significant. Somehow, it added a whole extra level of depth than if his story had just been written as… well, a story. Honestly, I think my favourite part about reading this book WAS reading Miles’s point of view, BECAUSE of the way it was written. It makes me curious as to what a whole book like that would be like.

All this to say, I loved this book. So much. So if you like books that make you cry and that break your heart (and mend it of course), then you’ll LOVE this one. If you love overprotective brothers and emotionally damaged men (THAT BREAK YOUR DAMN HEART) and strong headed women (WHO ARE ALSO WEAK LIKE YOU WHEN IT COMES TO MEN LIKE MILES), then you’ll OBVIOUSLY love this book.

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