Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Okay, so for a minute, let’s talk about this book as if we’re going a few years back, before it was decided that three more books were going to follow this trilogy up. So in other words: Back when this would’ve been the last book.

I think this was a very worthy ‘final’ instalment in this series. I really loved how this book focused majorly on bringing all the characters to where they needed to be when this story ‘ended’. It focused a lot on character development for all of the characters. Which was really all that was missing from this series!

I’m really pleased with the growth of Juliette’s character in this book. She really blossomed in Ignite Me and had the whole story in her control. I’d been waiting for that since the beginning, for her to take charge, and it was really refreshing to see it happen. She finally spread her wings and took off.

Not only that, but she seemed to embrace her friends, notably Kenji, a lot more in this book. It was beautiful. I LOVED reading their scenes together because they have such an endearing friendship.

And, as predicted, I finally know why “he who must not be named” is never spoken of and why I was not made aware of him before starting this series. WE SHALL NOT SPEAK HIS NAME. He doesn’t deserve that honour after what I just read 😒

Nope, now the only name we shall ever speak of is Warner’s because 😍😍 He literally has my whole heart. (Along with Nikolai, obviously 😍 But that’s a different story)

Although I really would’ve liked the last chapter to have had a bit more sustenance to it, I’m overall happy with where this series left off. Especially knowing that there are more books after it to make up for where that chapter fell short 😉 That’s probably the main reason I’ve accepted the ending to Ignite Me, otherwise I’d have been a lot more disappointed 😂

Now, I think I’ll wait till the sixth book release before binging the last three books and their two novellas! I can’t wait to see the changes that’ll follow in those books (which will dive straight into the chaos that ended the first three books); I ALREADY SENSE THE EPICNESS THAT AWAITS ME.

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