We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, I’d been waiting for this book to release for over six months. And yet, I was actually kind of nervous to read it because in the back of my mind, there was this small fear that it might not live up to my expectations.

Now let me tell you, not only did it LIVE UP to those expectations; IT EXCEEDED THEM! I throughly enjoyed this book! I loved the characters, the setting, the plot-line; all of it! Hafsah Faizal came up with such a unique world for readers to immerse themselves into and did so in a way that is both engaging and entrancing!

Before even reaching the half-way point of this book, the characters had already managed to—not only capture my heart—but break it as well. And once the second half of the book started? Oh boy; PLOT TWISTS EVERYWHERE!

The character development was brilliantly written. And the banter between characters? It literally made reading this book feel as easy as breathing. I found myself laughing and gasping (at some of Altair’s scandalous teasings, of course 😉) and grinning through the majority of this book.

And when it ended? I didn’t want to believe it ended, because THAT CLIFFHANGER. I need the next book ASAP so I can know what happens next! There’s too much uncertainty!

This book gave me major Shadow and Bone vibes from the get-go and it definitely impressed as much as Leigh Bardugo’s writing does. For fans of the Shadow and Bone trilogy; I definitely think you should give this book a try. It is NOT to be missed out on.

Did you like the Darkling? You’ll love Nasir. Did you love Nikolai? Altair is your next book boyfriend for sure. Loved Alina? You’ll adore Zafira too then. Loved the whole of Ravka? Arawiya awaits you.

AND, to make this even better? There’s a glossary for you to refer to while reading on Hafsah’s website! Reading made easier. (I used it for the first 1/4 of the book or so and it was SO helpful! You can find translations as well as pronunciations for words, places, and names!)

So what’re you waiting for? Go pick up this book and READ IT!

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