Legendary by Stephanie Garber

So I kind of take back what I said about Tella in the first book. The fact that the second book was written in her point of view and is really her story more than Scarlet’s really helps readers understand her character a lot better! I didn’t really know what to expect with that ending to Caraval because everything just kind of froze and then blew up 😂 But I was very pleasantly surprised by how complex the story got in this book!

So many new aspects were introduced into the plot to make it more elaborate and WILDLY SUSPENSEFUL and I am still FREAKING OUT at the thought of all those plot twists! Some of them were quite easy to predict, but again, IT DIDNT MAKE IT ANY LESS SHOCKING TO READ. It’s one thing to suspect something. It’s another to have it pop up in your fact and go “HA. YOU WERE RIGHT!” Which is basically what JUST. KEPT. HAPPENING.

I loved the complexity of Legendary! I definitely loved it even more than Caraval, which I had anticipated, because I knew the story would only just get better 😉 Which it obviously did. I’ve always had a thing for books that make me think and all those carefully woven strands of clues kept me on my toes throughout this book!

And again, I CANNOT stress how much I love Stephanie Garber’s writing! It’s just so so brilliant! This story would not be what it is if it were written by anyone else. It wouldn’t be this enchanting or engrossing or as fun to read! The author always either makes or breaks the story. Stephanie Garber definitely made it.

Although, admittedly, I did feel like some aspects of Tella’s story were kind of similar to Scarlet’s. Not enough to make it feel like reading the same story over again, but enough to make some parts of it feel like déjà vu. I do wish those parts had been a bit more original, but I’m hoping the third book will be completely unique and aside from the first two!

With the ending that came about in this book, I’m SO excited for Finale! I can’t wait to see the fireworks that are bound to blow up in the sure to be epic solution to this magical trilogy!

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