The Plus One by Sarah Archer

First of all, I got to read an ARC of this book via Netgalley, but it is out by now! When I read the idea for the story, I was rather intrigued by the whole concept for the plot. Unfortunately, before we go any further, I am going to have to say that this book let me down.

I felt like the characters and the idea behind the story had a whole lot of potential, but then just fell short. The beginning was a bit slow and boring, but when you hit that halfway point? I had to take a break to go rant to my friend about the huge leap into craziness this book took.

I mean, with the way it was written, I didn’t even feel any form of attachment to the characters whatsoever. It felt a lot to me like there was a distance between me and the main character because I COULD NOT relate to or understand where her feelings were heading. And I wonder if maybe that’s why I didn’t see any real character development happening—and why I didn’t really care much when it did. It just felt like an utter mess to me.

The characters were just thoroughly flat and while there was a lot of tension between them that could’ve been further exploited, it didn’t happen and it fell short every. Single. Time. Which is rather disappointing, because I kept waiting for a moment in the story that would make me feel SOMETHING during this book. I simply wasn’t engaged at all.

The ending, however, was decent. It was the only part of the story I liked because I felt like the book got the close it deserved and it fit in well with the idea for the story. I just wish that the rest of the story had matched it at that logical level. While I didn’t like most of it, I can appreciate that the last chunk of the book was nicely written.

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