It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Too often, it is said and heard that one can never have a favourite book. For surely it’s simply not possible when there are so many good ones out there. To claim just one as a favourite seems outrageous. Well, it seems I’m about to make an appalling proclamation then, because I hereby declare that the book It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is my absolute favourite book ever and none other will be able to live up to it. I am more than certain that there cannot be another book out there that will rip apart my heart and reach deep into my soul the way this one did.

I’ve made it little to no secret ever that It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is my favourite book, like, ever. Of all time. As in, there will never be another book out there that I will love more than this one. You know how people lovingly say “You’re my person”? Well, if this book were a living breathing thing—like it is in my heart—then that is what I’d say to it. This book is my person.

I didn’t love this book for the reasons that one is expected to. I loved it because it hit way too close to home and more than once, I had to stop reading just so that I could remember how to breathe and clear my eyes of tears. This book isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. It’s raw and it’s gutting and it’s filled with one naked truth too many. But perhaps it’s not the books with the happiest stories that we love the most. Maybe it’s the ones that stay with us the longest because we felt them; because we’ll always feel them. I understood this book. I understood it and fell in love with it because it made me feel understood like I never have before. I don’t even have enough words to express how that makes me feel. This book didn’t need to be a pocketful of sunshine in order for me to love it as much as I did.

That being said, I must warn people that this book is recommended to readers 18+ due to the mature and triggering content it contains. It. Is. Not. For. The. Faint. Of. Heart. And I do not say this lightly. It should only be read by people who know they can mentally handle its contents. There is nothing wrong with knowing what is best for you and putting down a book because you know the reaction it might pull from you is unfavourable to your wellbeing.

People are often inclined to say that there’s no such thing as having a favourite book or movie or song, but I think that’s just because they haven’t found the one they really connect to yet. When a book intertwines with your soul the way this one did with mine, you’ll never think otherwise ever again. So for anyone out there who thinks that you can’t have a favourite book: I beg to differ.

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