The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting

The Good Luck Charm was a pretty quick and easy read for me to breeze right through, which I’m actually quite glad for, because I didn’t go into it looking for a complex plot. One of the most notable parts of this book for me was the insight into some medical cases (such as with stroke patients) and what life looks like for professional hockey players. I didn’t expect to enjoy those tidbits of information as much as I did.

The tension between Lilah and Ethan was evident right off the bat and I was definitely rooting for them throughout the book! They had really good chemistry, although it obviously had some faults to it, which is what made up the plotline. What I like is that their issues were ones I’m sure many couples run into and don’t properly address. I like that this book not only shows you how to address them, but how to bounce back from them.

But just as warning, if you’re looking for a light, fluffy contemporary to read… turn around and pick something else up, because this book is NOT FLUFFY. It is the opposite.

Following that same thought, what I wasn’t a huge fan of in this book is that a lot of it was just… steamy stuff. And while I understand that it was necessary to add to the conflict in the story, I also didn’t necessarily think a lot of it had to be there. Some parts of the book just seemed really flat and repetitive at one point because that was all that was going on. Once the real story picked back up though after the middle of the book passed, I liked it up until the end.

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