Letters To The Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

Okay, wow. Sooo, this book ruined me. As in, it broke my already very beaten and bruised heart. Which is great, in theory, because that’s what I’d wanted it to do. That’s how I know it was a book worth reading. The second half of the book actually made me cry. Not like sobbing; more like sitting in silence while tears drip down my cheeks as I try to blink them off my lashes so that I can keep reading. Yeah. It was one of those books.

It actually, physically hurt to read Declan’s thoughts after the halfway point, because it made you want to jump into the book and hug him so hard you’d probably never be able to let go. He wasn’t real, but he felt real in my heart and I hated that he was having to go through all that alone while I was only able to ‘watch’. But of course, that’s how it has to be. That’s how it always has to be.

And gosh, THAT PLOT TWIST with Juliet! It made me hurt so bad for her. I wanted to jump into the book and give her a hug too! Everyone just needed a hug in this book, okay? Like, I don’t even know what else to tell you. My babies were hurting in there and I couldn’t help them. But it’s alright, I suppose, because they had each other.

Now, I can’t not also mention the friendship between Declan and his best friend Rev. It was probably the highlight of the book for me, actually. It made me tear up, grin like a lunatic, and laugh out loud way too many times when they were together. I love the two of them as a duo. They’re honestly such a good example of friendship. It was like it was them against the world.

So yeah, it was the kind of book that made you wish you were in it so you could just run around, back and forth, giving everyone a much needed hug. Actually, it made you want to arrange a get-together where you can all just cry about what everyone is going through. So you could shed much needed tears.

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