More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer

I don’t know how Brigid Kemmerer did it, but she managed to somehow create such a fiercely gripping main character who tears you apart by being so emotionally damaged and then makes you ridiculously proud to watch them rise above it all. The character development in this book for the main character, Rev, was honestly such a beautiful thing to witness. It made this whole story what it was. It was the reason I cried. His thoughts were so painful to read and half the time, I couldn’t tell if I was sobbing for him or with him; in sadness or in pride.

Much like with Declan, his best friend (the main character in Letters To The Lost) Rev’s thoughts are often times gutting and raw and so heartfelt that it makes you ache just reading them. But that’s also the reason you can’t STOP reading. I love it when a book has the voice of a character who digs their way into my heart. It’s what keeps me engaged in the story.

I also really liked the two perspectives shown in this book—a child who’d suffered extreme abuse and a girl whose family is falling apart—and how those two situations were affecting the two of them, each in their own way. More importantly, how it brought them together so they could teach each other how to be strong; and in turn realise their own strengths.

While for some reason I wasn’t a huge fan of Emma’s character, I did still find her part of the story intriguing. It was fascinating to see how her character brought out the best in Rev. And to see how he interacted with another person when he’d let his guard completely down.

Now I have to add: I REALLY WANT ANOTHER BOOK AFTER THIS FOR MATTHEW. I just feel like there’s more to his story. His story is not complete. And there’s some parts of Rev and Declan’s stories that didn’t entirely feel over yet either. I think it would be nice to have one more book for Matthew; and to see the direction Rev and Declan’s lives take after this book through him. (Especially since what happened at the end for Declan.) Basically, what I’m asking for is one more heartbreaking story to be told.

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