Faker by Sarah Smith

Enemies to lovers? Check. Diverse characters? Check. Humour and sassiness? Double check. Office romance? Also check. Slow burn? This book gave it a whole new level. Y’all aren’t prepared.

I love how simple and uncomplicated this book was. The plot was very straight forward and simple and that made it more centred around the emotions that were developed with every page of this book. I’ve always loved enemies-to-lovers as a trope in books and this book really delivered when it comes to that. Sarah Smith managed to write a slow burn romance that both satisfies you and drives you mad with every page.

It was as sweet as it was steamy. How the author managed to balance that is beyond me, but she did. And it honestly couldn’t have been more perfect. She added a layer of passion to top it all off that serves in keeping readers entranced with the story being told! There was also the benefit of added humour and lightness that made it so that the story never got monotonous, which was crucial with a book like this one.

It’s perfect for readers who just want a really lighthearted romance that will make you laugh and swoon and fan yourself almost all that the same time! You won’t have a hard time at all keeping up with what is happened in the story, so it’s great for if you’re looking for a book to unwind with. Readers will be able to fly through it and still enjoy themselves while doing so! I know I did 😉

Added bonus? You learn a bit of medical stuff, which was really kind of fun 😂 And cultural stuff, let’s not forget that! Honestly, this book in general was just such a joy-ride and the perfect summer read for me!

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