The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani

This was a really quick read of a book that I somehow managed to drag out for way too long because I kept stalling on picking it up and reading it 😂 Honestly, I think it could be read in one sitting because it’s certainly quick enough. You just have to be dedicated and into the story!

I liked the storyline, but I wasn’t in the mood for this kind of book at the moment and I feel like that might be why I didn’t enjoy it as much. The psychological aspects of this thriller were well thought-through, albeit a little too slow to be executed for me at times.

If you’re expecting a fast-paced, on-the-edge-of-your-seat type of thriller, you might want to consider picking up a different book. Leila Slimani executed this book with an eerie type of elegance and plays with you in an entirely different way than other thrillers tend to with their breathless revelations. Everything in this book builds up slowly. There’s no surprise about how it ends—that’s revealed at the beginning—but how we get there is the real question. And it gets answered in its own time.

This book also really takes a look at a woman’s struggle to find herself after having children—the internal war between wanting to work and wanting to just be a mother. And it also takes a look at what it must be like to be a nanny—to dedicate all your time and attention to a family that isn’t your own. It was written in a hauntingly awakening voice that forces you to understand that there is more beneath the surface than what we presume to understand.

There were a couple point of views in the story that popped up in the middle of the story that I didn’t quite understand, but they were one-off and didn’t last long, so it didn’t deter from the book as much. They did add some background information, which was in hindsight useful to the plotline, even if you couldn’t quite place what the character who was talking had to do with the story.

The ending was perhaps what I appreciated the most about the book. It was an open sort of ending but it was also thrilling to read. It made you reflect on all that you’d read and wonder what would’ve happened if the book had gone on just one page longer.

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