The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Okay, because I’m going to keep this review completely honest, I’m going to start by mentioning that I didn’t really like this series to begin with, so keep that in mind when considering my review! I did think this was a worthy finale and I enjoyed it more than the first two book, but unsurprisingly, I’m not hungover on it or obsessed. There was no real attachment for me when it comes to this series.

I didn’t like the relationships in the series as a whole. I can’t get over what happened between Taryn and Jude in the first book and I can’t get over how Cardan and Jude treated each other in the first book either. The second book didn’t help that opinion. The whole thing was just… terribly toxic in my opinion and I have a harder time looking past that, especially when considering how younger readers might take it the wrong way if they didn’t know any better.

I did appreciate Cardan’s backstory in this book, because it explains his character more, but it doesn’t even come close to excusing his behaviour: Not for me. And that’s one thing that I didn’t get the closure I wanted with. While I don’t hate his character anymore, I definitely don’t like him either. And I stand by that fact with Jude. She’s not relatable to me. She was annoying and irresponsible and I didn’t like her as a main character. She was more tolerable in the third book, but I didn’t come out of this trilogy feeling like I wanted to read more. I was just kind of indifferent because of that lack of attachment.

Another thing I can appreciate about this series is the plotline. That’s well thought through, especially in this last book. It’s one of the things that kept me reading and interested; even if only in a mild way. Now, for me, I found that the plot was really simple and predictable, but it made for a pleasant read regardless; not to mention a quick one. Even despite having main characters that I didn’t like, I did like the plot of the book. Had I liked the characters, I’m sure this series could’ve been a favourite of mine, but it didn’t work out that way.

The symbolism though, I have to say, was spot on. I love how that ties in with the cover and it adds more magic into the Fae world that Holly Black created. It also linked the three books together quite well, which is always something I look for in series. There was some thought put into it and you can tell.

Now, for the moment of truth: I didn’t like this series. It’ll never be one of those books that I recommend to anyone willingly. If you ask me wether or not to read it, I’ll probably mention exactly what I did above—that the plot was nice but the characters were tolerable at best and awful at worst. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t I absolutely respect those who liked this series because we are all allowed our own opinions. I can definitely be objective and see why some people might have enjoyed these books. This series just really wasn’t for me and I hope it’s okay for me to admit that.

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