Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

This book was worth every single page, from the dedication at the beginning to the last page of the acknowledgments. I adored it in a way that I wish I knew how to properly describe. It’s not a feeling I can explain: It’s something you have to feel for yourself. And I hope you do. I hope you pick up this book and I hope you understand that incredible feeling I can’t describe that finds a home in you when you flip the last page of this story.

To say the least, this book was powerful. It was sweet, and it was funny, and so witty and infinitely creative, and yes, it even hurt a little, but it was also inexplicably beautiful. It really does deserve all the love that comes its way—all the love that has been pouring out for this story. There will never be another book out there quite like this one; of that, I am certain. But I hope there is. I hope there are. Because I want more books like this. I want more stories like Henry and Alex’s.

This was the adult bxb romance story I never knew I needed until it was handed to me. It’s hard to find well written lgtbq books, and I don’t have much to compare it to (I read Autoboyography and loved that!), but even with my lack of experience in reading them, I know that this one was something special. It was something more.

I cannot emphasis enough how well written it was: The plot, the characters, the background stories, the relationships—all of it! Not only did the characters have a lot of personality, which made them more real and easier to love, Casey McQuiston also very clearly took the time to develop them in the story. Take Henry’s love of history for example. It wasn’t just told, it was very well shown by his knowledge of it that was written into the story! It was a similar case when it comes to June’s love of journalism and Nora’s knowledge of statistics and many other things. I cannot emphasis how much I love that.

I want to tell you how much these characters made me laugh, because they’re so full of wit and sass and humour. I want to tell you that the character dynamics had me rooting for everyone left, right, and centre because they’re all so full of personality and so human. I want to tell you that this story was so full of hope and stubborn determination to do the right thing no matter what. I want to tell you that this book found a way to make me invested in the—not real but realistic—politics as if it was real and it made me feel secondhand stressed out for the outcome!

But mostly, I just want to tell you that you have to read this book and feel it all that for yourself, because that is what this book deserves. To be experienced by everyone individually.

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