Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

I don’t think there’ll ever be a day when Colleen Hoover’s books don’t ruin me and then fix me up better than I was before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: She’s my favourite author of all time. I feel like through every book of hers I read, I’ve lived another life and learned another lesson. I go in as one person and I come out of every book feeling like her characters and their lessons live inside of me. I come out of every book a better person for learning what I did.

I loved that for the majority of this book, Colleen Hoover did not give us a damn BREAK and just kept throwing secrets and plot twists at us as if it wasn’t tearing us apart. AND IT WAS CRAZY. My mind was constantly in a state of being blown up. The first half of this book was a battle ground and everyone was bleeding out by the end. The characters, the readers, EVERYONE. Colleen Hoover has no mercy.

This book was twisted, and painful, and mean, and beautiful all at the same time. And I love how there were basically two stories in one. Twice the romance. (And the heartbreak. Don’t forget twice the heartbreak.) And FOUR times the drama and craziness. It was everything you’d expect from a Colleen Hoover book and more.

The only thing I wish is that we could’ve gotten a short story to go with it where we can flash forward a couple years and see where the character end up. There are also some questions that I was left with that I simply can’t let go of! I need some answers! Other than that though, it wrapped up so perfectly.

It felt like something I could’ve easily read in one sitting. (I basically did, in theory.) Every single chapter flows into the next one so seamlessly that you don’t even want to stop reading. The story breezes by without even feeling like it, because there’s consistently something happening and your mind is wholly invested in the story. It’s the perfect book to sit down and get lost in for the evening.

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