Confess by Colleen Hoover

I can clearly see why they made a show out of this book now. It’s definitely got every quality needed to make an epic TV show! Reading this book felt like watching a movie unravel in front of you and I loved that about it! And now I’m convinced I needed to watch it as well 😂

As someone who loves art, it was so nice to have a main character that’s an artist. The whole concept behind the art and how it goes with the title and the characters was so cool and the way it ties into the story is seriously amazing and so well thought through! I think that was one of my favourite aspects of the book, because the way it weaved the story together was plain brilliant and so fitting.

This story was—in the way that all Colleen Hoover books are—tragically beautiful. It had depth to it and the characters were never there without purpose—they all had a role to play in the story. And like with other Colleen Hoover books, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. There’s always something bigger lurking under the surface. Something ominous, threatening to eat you right up.

I love how complex the story manages to be, all while feeling like it went by so fast. I didn’t want to even stop to take a breath. It really did feel like watching a movie go by because so much managed to happen without you feeling overwhelmed by it all. It clicked together like one big, perfect puzzle.

I must confess (see what I did there 😉), I think the synopsis of the book doesn’t quite fit the actual story. I don’t say that in a bad way, but more in the sense that there is so much more to this book that can’t be mentioned in the synopsis because SPOILERS. But I think that’s something for readers to keep in mind. This story is bigger and better than its synopsis.

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