The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Why did no one slap me in the face with this book and demand I read it sooner? I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT THIS WHOLE TIME. Honestly, this book is worth its weight in gold. It. Is. Precious. I can’t even tell you how many times I laughed aloud and COULDN’T STOP. (I even garnered more than one odd look from family members to prove it 😂) And nothing about the humour felt forced—it all flowed so well! The characters were genuinely funny and it felt so easy to laugh my way through everyone one of their conversations!

This story takes enemies to lovers to a whole new level and I am HERE FOR IT. Honestly, I think I might be slightly addicted to this book. In the same way that Lucy is addicted to Josh.

… Okay, so maybe it’s more than a small addiction then 🙊😂

I just can’t get over how well thought through it is. It isn’t just some bland office romance. It’s got a plot and it’s got so much good character development! And the characters also have such well rounded backgrounds that make them authentic and intriguing and keep you reading. I always love it when there’s solid back stories for characters—especially when it comes to romance books. The characters need to feel authentic. Sally Thorne did not have any trouble making that happen. She made sure that both the main characters were fully developed and had foundation to their personalities. That’s something I’ll always appreciate in books.

Don’t get me wrong, the romance in it is SO strong too. It’s a classic slow burn, with so much teasing in between—which is basically perfect. Sally Thorne keeps you on the edge of your seat until you’re literally begging for some action 😏 Nothing about this book is easy. It’s all one big game 😉 and trust me, you won’t want to stop playing.

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