The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

This book. This. Book. I don’t know that my life was complete before I read it. I don’t know that anyone’s is, really, until they’ve lost themselves in the pages of this precious story. It’s like a mirror. Their story is everyone’s story at some point in their lives and that makes it feel worth so much more. You see yourself in every page, every quote, every word.

This might be mainly a quote book, but there’s a story being told in the pages. A story of friendship and self-love and life. It’s meaningful and strikes me as the type of book that makes more and more sense as you grow. Whether you’re a child or a senior or somewhere in between, you’ll see yourself in the journey that takes place in the pages. That’s what makes it such a treasure.

And oh my god, the illustrations! They’re phenomenal in so many different ways. I love that it’s a mixture of black and white splashed with watercolour paintings. It adds so much more emotion to the book than I ever thought possible. And I also adored the fact that some sketches were rough and some were drawn with so much care that it steals the breath clean out of your lungs. The pictures add to the story so much (which was the point), but I was surprised by how much emotion the sketches pulled out of me—just as much as the words.

Like in Winnie The Pooh, in a subtle way, all four characters in the story seemed to represent an emotion, a thought, a personality or a way that we think. I love when books do that, because I truly think that it makes you see more clearly. It opens your eyes to things you wouldn’t otherwise. It makes you feel stronger by the end.

There’s a reason this book was called Book of the Decade for 2019 and there’s a reason it’s a Heather’s Pick. This is perhaps one of my favourite books I have ever picked up and I’d recommend it to everyone. There is not a single person I wouldn’t tell to read it. Not one. Its a quick read, but it’s important. And I want to read it over and over again for the rest of my life.

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