Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer

Brigid Kemmerer always has this uncanny ability to make me cry. I don’t know how (yes I do) and I don’t know why (yes. I do.), BUT SHE ALWAYS DOES, OKAY. Because she writes heartbroken soft boys that get the rough side of life into her books and my heart can’t take it. Seriously, all three of her contemporaries made me teary all through reading it and I’ll be damned if I didn’t shed tears over her characters because they’re so real and they’re hurting so much and it rubs off on me.

Rob literally had my whole heart. From the first moment he stepped onto the page, I knew I’d be crying for him. See, that’s the thing. Brigid Kemmerer either makes you cry BECAUSE of her characters or FOR them. I cried for Rob, because he did not deserve all that life threw at him.

I really liked the main character, Meagan as well. She had SO MUCH drama in her life and it gave this book a really big shock factor. (For the record, so did Rob—but his is another story entirely, because it doesn’t just make you gasp, it makes you feel like you got slammed into by a truck.) I also felt like her and Rob’s struggle between knowing what’s right and what’s wrong was incredibly relatable. It made it easier to put yourself in their shoes and to see the story through their eyes. Which, in turn, made the moral of the story hit 10x harder.

I seriously love the friendships between boys in this book—hell, all of Brigid Kemmerer’s books. That sounds weird to say, but I mean it. We always see the strong friendships between girls, but we never truly get to see in-depth friendships between boys. And I love that we did in this book, because it shows a side to them that other books tend to brush away. A vulnerable and loyal side, where they lean on each other just as much as us girls do.

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