The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

Turns out, I’m not a patient person. So I have to start by saying that this book made me SO MAD. Like, I was feeling so much that it all just turned into one big ball of anger 😂 I wanted to climb into the book and yell out the solution to all the characters’ problems—which were all caused by a lack of proper communication and drove me near the brink of insanity because they came SO CLOSE, SO MANY TIMES to laying all the truth out in the open.

Marie Rutkoski turned this book into one big tease because the characters quite literally danced right around each other without knowing it and I wanted to smack myself in the face with this book because I was ON EDGE the entire time. The. Entire. Time. I don’t think I even breathed for a single second because I was so full of hope.

By the end though, I’ve gotta admit, I couldn’t even tell if I loved or hated this book 😂 Like, I couldn’t make that decision until I read the third book (spoiler alert—I loved it) So much happened in this book and yet it wasn’t enough until I knew how the third book ended 🙊 I needed to know if it was all worth it or not.

Also, I have a confession. I already partially knew how this book ended because I made a very stupid and very grave mistake by accidentally reading the first chapter of the third book before reading this 🤦‍♀️ I somehow managed to mix up the two books and didn’t realise it until I was done the first chapter of the third book (I was supremely confused and that’s when I thought to check if I was reading them in the right order—I wasn’t)

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