Anyone But Cade by Penelope Bloom

Cade and Iris’s story was so much fun to read because they both have such fun personalities! They have a similar sense of humour and Cade’s jokes-all-the-way attitude mixed with Iris’s feistiness made this book so amusing from the first page to the last 😂 Right from book one, I was so invested in seeing how they’d fare as a couple, because it was clear that they’re meant to be 😂😂

I love how in this book we got to see into both Cade and Iris’s personal, ‘behind-the-scenes’ life more. In the first book, we knew them at the surface and they were fun to have around as secondary characters. But I always love going into depth and seeing a vulnerable side to a character you always think is full of nothing but humour! It was really refreshing seeing past all the fun they portray (especially with Cade) to what to what lays underneath that front 🙊💖

Although I did feel a bit like the main plot that drove the story forward was kind of convenient and felt like it was mostly just there as a way to get them together. (Not that I didn’t enjoy it!) I won’t say that it was the sole reason, because I can admit that it helped shape Cade’s character more, but it did feel a bit easy 🤔 But then again, it’s not like I can think of anything better to replace it with, so I’d say it worked out okay for this story 😂

There was also a point in the book where it felt like there were plot factors introduced that didn’t live up to what I thought they could (I’m trying not to spoil what it was 😂) Like, I was expecting more, for some reason?? It was still good! But at the end, I kind of found myself just going “oh”, because while it was fun, it wasn’t all that I’d been expecting 🙊 There was no big shock moment for me, really and it all resolved a bit too cleanly.

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