Anyone But Nick by Penelope Bloom

Okay, so I knew I loved Nick from the moment he hit the page in the first book (just like what happened with Rich and Cade). He has that quiet genius personality to him that really drags you in because it adds mystery to his whole persona. You never really know him as a reader until you get into his head. And same goes for Miranda! She has that whole stern and stubborn business lady personality on the outside, but once we got a peek into her brain, it felt like getting in touch with her human side. I hadn’t really know what to think of her in the first two books because I couldn’t get a grasp for her character. This book definitely helped with that.

Also, I don’t know what it says about me, but I really loved the whole petty revenge thing that was going on against Miranda’s ex in the book 😂😂 Not only was it really satisfying, it was also freaking hilarious (bonus points because Nick and Miranda both schemed the whole thing out together) 😏 In that sense, her ex was a little less of a nuisance, because he brought them both together in the best way 😌 And, yes, maybe I was sort of enjoying seeing Nick get jealous and Miranda riling him up 😂

And, okay, we need to talk about Cade and Iris 😂 I freaking love them. I love their snooping and how they were constantly keeping tabs on Nick and Miranda’s relationship status and basically playing matchmaker as a couple. It. Was. Gold. Also, it was also like having insiders in the book who were dead-set on getting the two together as much as any reader would be 😂😂 They behaved exactly as we readers would if someone dropped us into the book!

Overall though, I really love how this book found a way to wrap up the whole series (all three couples’ stories), all while feeling like it was still 100% focusing on Nick and Miranda! It never felt like it was getting sidetracked or that our real MCs weren’t getting enough spotlight in their own story. You’d think it would’ve been a struggle from keeping those two goals from overlapping, but Penelope Bloom managed it perfectly! And it means that this book had a really satisfying ending 😁 We finally came full circle (read the books to get the reference 😉)

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