Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace

From a neutral perspective, I can definitely see how this book could be really empowering for a lot of women, which is something I liked about the poems in it. I can picture how some women will pick this book up and by the time they close it, they’ll have connected with it deeply. In that sense, the author got the words just right.

But this also felt like a really hit or miss book for me. While I can appreciate the writing, a lot of it just felt like it was aimed at a specific audience, and I didn’t really feel included in that specific audience. Poetry usually only gets me emotional if I can in some way relate to it directly. There were very few poems in this book where I felt like that was happening, unfortunately.

I liked Amanda Lovelace’s past books, but I feel like they’re just going downhill from there? I loved the first one (which is the whole reason why I bought the rest), but it only started going down from there, in my perspective. I’ve begun to like them less and less, and I can’t quite pin the reason behind why that is. I think it might have more to do with the fact that I personally can’t relate to the poems, because they aren’t necessarily badly written.

And something that bothered me about the poetry is that some of it felt very anti-men. As a feminist, that’s not usually an opinion I have, but for some reason, it stood out to me in this book. Not a lot of the poems looked at relationships or men in a very good way (or at least, that’s the sense that I got). I’m all for poems that say that you can be your own person without needing a man, but I also like to have it balanced out with poems that are at least somewhat hopeful about relationships.

Again, I want to emphasis that this is just how the book came across to me and that it doesn’t mean that everyone else will feel the same way about it! I’m sure it’s the type of book a lot of people might love. I just wasn’t one of those people.

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