Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

This book was nearly impossible to put down once I’d started and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d started it too late in the day, I would’ve binged it in one sitting! I LOVED how the whole story and the plot and the characters just sucked me right in and didn’t want to let go.

I was worried that with the kind of plotline we were working with here that the book might be predictable or cheesy, but Emma Lord definitely found a way to make the story unique and entirely her own! I love how she managed to weave the relationship between Pepper and Jack into this frenemies-to-lovers type of trope—it was everything I never knew I needed and I was LIVING for it 😍 Seriously. More books need to have this kind of relationship because it was PERFECT!

I love how real the relationship between Pepper and Jack felt in this book. Not only did it grow at a pace that felt natural and not fabricated, but they also both felt like real people. They were fully rounded characters and their interactions always felt authentic 😁 I’ve read so many books where it feels like the characters were built around the story. This was not one of them. In this book, the story really built itself around the characters. Everything fit together like a big puzzle piece and everything that happened made perfect sense.

Not to mention the way the POVs were written, it made me fully invested in the characters. I wanted the world for them and I hurt when they hurt—I longed for what they did. I could both relate to and understand what they were going through and how they felt. It’s hard to write characters that feel real and like their own people, but that’s exactly what Emma Lord did. It’s not usually an easy thing to master, but she did it with startling ease and it made me love this book all the more for it!

And I can’t NOT talk about the food in this book. Notably the desserts, because I have a major sweet tooth. All the creative names were only half the reason I loved the desserts (So Sorry Blondies? Monster Cake? Kitchen Sink Macarons? I LOVE THESE DESSERT NAMES 😂) The other half of the reason I loved them was entirely based on how they were described! By the end of the book, it was all I could do to wish that there was an actual recipe book on how to make them all! 😍

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