The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Let it be known that this book had me laughing from the first page to the last. And not just a giggle. No, I mean proper unattractive snorting laughter. At least three times I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see the next line. And at least five times I nearly spit my coffee out all over the pages AND BARELY CAUGHT MYSELF IN TIME. I definitely choked a time or two as a result but that’s irrelevant 😌 (I probably shouldn’t drink coffee while reading a rom-com, huh? 😂) But seriously, if you were following along with my reactions in my stories… you’ll know this book has A+ HUMOUR 😂❤️

And god, THE SASS 😂😂 I was LIVING for the amount of sass these characters had. Max had the perfect amount of attitude to compete with Lina’s stubbornness and it made for some seriously priceless banter between the two of them throughout the book! Seriously, the pages were simmering with the ideal combination of sass and sexual tension and I was HERE FOR IT. This is enemies-to-lovers done right 😏 If there were an award for writing the perfect enemies-to-lovers rom-com, The Worst Best Man would undoubtedly be in the running!

Also, Max is my new book husband and I know we’re 100% compatible because we’re SO ALIKE 😂 No less than 15 times in this book, I stopped on something he said or did and was like “THAT IS ME, RIGHT THERE” 😂 So yes, Max and I are either the same person or he’s my soulmate. It helps that both our names start with M, which further proves my theory 😌 A bonus: his character was so wholesome and endearing and every second that he was on the page was the greatest delight 😍

Real talk for a second though, I absolutely loved how much culture the author put behind Lina’s character. It was so insightful and refreshing and I loved how immersive it was! Just by talking about the food, and the culture, and the experiences Lina and her family had of being Afro-Brazilian, I felt like I’d gotten a glimpse into her life. One of my favourite things is when books offer me a perspective I wouldn’t otherwise see. Mia Sosa excelled at portraying that in this book and she did it all effortlessly.

Another thing I really love is how this book addressed how women are often pressured—especially in workplaces—to keep their emotions under wrap or risk being their skills and talents being undermined. It explained a clear different between how men and women are treated by society—and the injustice of it. And not only that, but it also shows how that outside perspective can affect a person, the way they act, and how they’re brought up to think. It demonstrates an issue with society (one of many) that isn’t often talked about directly or that gets overlooked.

My point in all of this is that this book is both extremely entertaining while also being pertinent to the reality of our world. Mia Sosa somehow managed to find the perfect balance of those two qualities in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of reading it! I cannot wait for the next one—it couldn’t come soon enough!!

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