Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

First things first: Make sure you have cupcakes—or something else that’s sweet, but preferably cupcakes—on standby when you read this book, because you’re GOING to crave them 😂 It’s a given, because the way cupcakes are described in this book… it’s a whole thing, trust me. I wanted to dive into this book and just stay there—for the food AND the entertainment 😌😂

I love how simple and fun this book was! I really just breezed right through it and it felt like no time had passed at all! I love it when you can just get lost in a book and enjoy yourself without having to use too many brain cells and that’s exactly what this book was 😂

The plot was really lighthearted for the most part and the banter was at times both light and flirty, and wonderfully steamy 😉 These characters had chemistry, right from the get-go and the wait to see it go somewhere was the best kind of torture 😂 It was the kind of slow and steady build up that has you squealing and sighing in relief when it finally gets acknowledged 😏

One small detail that I really loved about this book is that at the end of every chapter, there were these pick-up lines/quotes that were modified to fit both Blair’s cupcake shop and Ronan’s bar that were shown as tweets 😂 It feels like such a small detail, but I loved getting to the end of the chapter and seeing the emotions from that chapter summarised in a pickup line, with the assumption that one of the characters tweeted that.

This book also gave a nod to small businesses and how hard they work and I was HERE for it! The fact that the two main characters both own their own smaller businesses was also a really fun aspect of the book that I was curious to see developed (as someone who’s always had a secret dream of owning a bookish café 🙊)

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