Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

… Just one question… Why have I never heard of Adam before??? (Actually, don’t answer that, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually 😂) But seriously! Of all the times people have gushed over this series or showed fan art, I haven’t even heard a WHISPER in the wind of Adam’s name. And yet he seems like an important character 🤨 Y’all are really good at keeping quiet when you want to, eh?

And no offence to anyone, but Warner is kind of a creep…? 👀 Y’all really have bad taste in men, huh? Well, guess what? … So do I, because he’s kind of giving me The Darkling vibes and I want to know more about him 🙈 There MUST be a reason everyone loves him so much!

I TOTALLY get the hype behind Kenji now 😍 He’s. So. Funny! And he really reminds me of Jesper in a way 😂 Like, yes please, we all need at least one Jesper in every series 🙌🏻😂

Okay, okay, okay, but enough about the characters for now. I LOVE TAHEREH MAFI’S WRITING STYLE. It truly is quite poetic and so so emotional. The way she wrote Juliette’s voice really is so unique and so reflective of her character.

Not only does it help the readers follow along with the progress in her mental state throughout the book, it also helps you really understand her. Understand how she thinks. How she acts. How she feels things. It creates a really important connection between the reader and the character in the book.

Although, I do confess, I feel like this book was more of just a really long prologue. It gave context and a little bit of a introduction into the story… but there wasn’t much volume to it; not really. It felt a lot to me like it was just preparing everyone for the second book. Leading up to it. To the bigger plot. Which, I suppose, IS how it’s supposed to feel. Because there is a bigger plot.

One that I’m excited to see evolve over the next few books! With that ending, I’m so ready to see how this series continues. This book keeps giving me The Hunger Game vibes (I won’t say how because it might spoil stuff!) and I can’t wait to see where it’ll go from here!

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