Finale by Stephanie Garber

This is it. This is the finale guys. And if you thought you were ready for the last book in such a magical series, you can throw all that readiness out the window the moment you open up to the first page because you absolutely weren’t.

This book was PACKED with plot twists. The beginning was a little bit slow going, but once you hit that first plot twist, it just kept building up more and more tension! In fact, there was so much tension that I was actually terrified of the ending because, um, HELLO, THERE’S 50 PAGES LEFT AND ABOUT 1000000 THINGS NEED TO OCCUR BETWEEN THEN AND NOW AND HOW DO YOU PLAN TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN??

The ending was probably my favourite part about the whole book. Because it was everything and nothing like what I was expecting. It’s like, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew how it had to end, but until it got to the end, I didn’t realise I’d gotten the exact ending I’d been waiting for. Does that even make sense? 😂 I guess what I’m trying to say is that Stephanie Garber knew what ending her characters deserved and what ending we wanted to see and somehow managed to make it happen all without us realising it!

I’m so pleased with the character development in this book and how well it tied up a lot of the loose ends. Because of the multiple perspectives we were given, it felt like we saw a lot more of the story and it definitely made it feel more complete in that sense. Everyone got an ending and we got to experience it with them each.

Finale was certainly better than the first two books in my opinion especially because of all the answers we got to questions that had built up in the first two books. In fact, I think this entire series just gets better with every book because of the way they beautifully connected! Some series are like a staircase, where one book just leads to another. But with Caraval, it really felt like you brought the past book with you to the next one until they all connected and became one.

Also… dhdushhsisusbsbshsh… Scarlett… sjddjshsisj… THE FALLEN STAR… THAT’S ALL IM GONNA SAY BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SPOIL BUT LIKE—IM STILL SHOOK, Y’ALL!! In fact, I was so shook that I ruined my book. (Ooh, look at those rhyming skills 😉😎😏)

You see in the last picture where there’s a small smudge at the top on the pages right above the spade? Yeah. That happened when I forgot I’d put lipstick on (because we were at a party—shush, we’re not gonna talk about how I was reading at a party 😂) and I was so shocked BY A CERTAIN REVELATION that I closed the book and pressed it to my lips (does anyone else do that???) and then promptly PANICKED. Yes, tears were shed. Until I realised that it’s proof that it was a good book 😂🤷‍♀️

AND DID ANYONE ELSE NOT KNOW IF THEY WERE TEAM JACKS OR TEAM LEGEND UNTIL THE END?? Because I was bouncing back and forth for the better part of the book 😫 And even now, I want to know if the person she didn’t end up with ends up finding a happy ending too somehow! WE NEED A SHORT STORY. Or multiple. Or a novella. Or just a whole other book filled with them.


2 thoughts on “Finale by Stephanie Garber

  1. Haha watching you discover this series has been so fun :p I agree that every sequel gets better with this series (for once it happens !) I’m still a little team Jacks no matter what hehehehe AND HOW COULD YOU STAIN THIS BEAUTY ??? (Kidding, I can totally relate)

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    1. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this 😂💖 And it’s such a unique series in that sense! Also, I completely agree with being a little bit of team Jacks regardless of the outcome 😍 IM A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN, THAT’S HOW 😭😂


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