A Favor for a Favor by Helena Hunting

So, yes, this book can absolutely be read as a stand-alone. But I love how it links in with the first book! The couple from the first book comes back in this book because our male MC from A Lie for a Lie is the the older brother of the female MC in this book, as well as the teammate of the male MC in this book 🙊 Did I mention that the two men are somewhat rivals? Imagine all the drama that follows when his overprotective brother side comes out 😏 It’s gold, trust me. ALSO, as a heads-up, this book will spoil parts of the first book if you choose at any point to read that! So I’d really recommend reading them in order!

This book grew on me like olives-and-pineapple pizza. (Read the book to understand that reference 😉) I, admittedly, did not like Bishop at the start. He was exactly the kind of arrogant, brooding character that made me scrunch my nose and say “that attitude is so unattractive”… and then at some point, without me realising it, I started to adore his character. Because as the story went on, I realised I was wrong about him. There was a lot more to go on than his rough exterior. And everything on the inside that made him who he was? That was attractive as hell.

I already knew before starting this book that I would love our female MC—Stevie—because I saw her character previously in the first book, A Lie for a Lie. And I was right. I LOVED her and how full of wit and sass she is! It made everything she said so fun to read 😂 She’s one of those characters that you just know everyone would be best friends with!

I’ve come to learn with this series that Helena Hunting CERTAINLY knows how to write a good romance 😏 She plays with your heartstrings just the right way and isn’t afraid to make some (and by that, I mean A LOT of) dirty jokes 😂 Which always makes for highly entertaining scenarios! Honestly, I think one of my favourite things about this book is that it can be steamy and full of humour at the same time and it is the perfect combination!

And I’m definitely a fan of sports romances because of this series 😍 I had no idea I’d enjoy them so much! But it’s so hard not to when faced with the kind of men Helena Hunting writes 🙊😍 Also, for anyone who’s like me and isn’t great with sports vocab, you won’t have to worry about that in this book. Most of the terms used are either necessary and are explained or are not used! (So you don’t feel completely lost and like you don’t know what’s going on 😂)

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