The Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Much like with the first book in this series, Undercover Bromance was the perfect mix between romance and comedy. I love that we got to see the characters from the first book come back with their own story! Mack and Liv were literally perfect for each other since they were introduced in the first book. That only became more clear with this second book, when the chemistry between them literally burst out of the pages. Every scene that they were together was almost certain to be wickedly funny, because the way that they got along was just something else entirely. I love that even though Liv was mostly in denial that she liked him, he kept being patiently prodding. He. Did. Not. Give. Up.

Now, admittedly, I wasn’t a huge fan of Liv’s character. I didn’t like her much in the first book and I didn’t like her much in this one either. I certainly didn’t hate her, but I felt like she could be annoying at times and I wanted to smack some sense into her. Mack, on the other hand, was probably my favourite. He had a whole personality to him and I just wanted to give him a massive hug. He was sweet, and loved kids, and just wanted to be someone’s Prince Charming. His heart was (almost) always in the right place and I loved him for it.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: The bromance in this series is on point. Like, there is seriously nothing more heartwarming than seeing men be there for each other. I love that it shows their vulnerability and the fact that they can be there for each other too—crying on each other’s shoulders over childhoods that hurt and feelings they can’t figure out. I love that we see that throughout the book, but there was one scene in particular near the end that made my eyes well up with tears and I just wanted to hug the book to my chest and never let it go.

There were a few things I wasn’t the biggest fan of in the book (nothing major, I still loved the book!), but I felt like the fact that we had a fully-rounded side conflict running with the romance made it feel like their romance got a bit put to the side. It seemed to overshadow their love-story a little bit, all while adding to it and making it stronger at the same time. It was an odd balance and I felt like it could’ve been handled a little better.

I also wish that we could’ve got more excerpts from the book they were reading in the Bookclub, like in the first book 😭 I really enjoyed that part of the first book and I’m kind of sad that we barely got that in this second book.

Also, I feel it must be said that… RANDY THE ROOSTER WAS MY FAVOURITE SIDE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME, IN ANY BOOK EVER. He was the side character (if we can even call him that 😂) that I never knew I needed to see. His presence in this book was the best thing ever.

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